All kinds of car parking shade

Car parking shade is a pre-fabricated tensile membrane structure widely used around the world to protect cars or vehicles from high intensity of solar radiation or harsh climate. At Al Amani we have expertise in design, manufacturing, and installation of wide array of car parking shades with all types of waterproof and non waterproof covering material such as HDPE, PVC, PTFE, Acrylic, GRP, Corrugated sheet, and K Span Sheet, which is being manufactured in standard as well as customized dimensions catering the regions residential and commercial sectors with innovative and reliable shading solution.

Unlike other car parking shade suppliers and manufacturers in UAE, our team of engineers, designer and fabricators utilize latest design software and manufacturing process and has gathered years of hands on experience predominately in the field of shade structures enabling the company to successfully execute number of high profile car parking shade projects across UAE and Middle East.

Types of car parking shade

By design

car parking shade

Cantilever Parking Shades

Umbrella Parking Shades

Pyramid Parking Shades

Bottom Support Parking Shades

Solar Parking Shades

Corrugated Parking Shades

Middle Support Parking Shades

Dome Parking Shades

Top Curve Parking Shades

GRP Parking Shades

K-Span Parking Shades

Sail Parking Shades

By covering material

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